Kung Fu

7922.Ip Man Kung Fu Master (Chinese speaking,English subtitle)

Genre: Action
Directed by: Liming Li
Starring: Yu-Hang To , Michael Wong , Wanliruo Xin , Dongfeng Yue

Plot: During his time as a police captain in Foshan, Ip Man is targeted by a vengeful gangster just as the Japanese army invades the region.

7673.Ip Man 4 (100% English Speaking,Chinese Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action | Biography | Drama | History
Directed by: Wilson Yip
Starring: Donnie Yen , Scott Adkins , Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan , Vanness Wu

Plot: The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

7662.The Knight Of Shadows Between Yin And Yang

Genre: Action | Fantasy | Romance
Directed by: Vash
Starring: Jackie Chan , Elane Zhong , Ethan Juan , Peng Lin

Plot: A legendary demon hunter (Jackie Chan), tracking down beasts that enter the human dimension, assisted by a lawman protégé and a motley group of friendly monsters.

7292.Master Z Ip Man Legacy (Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action
Directed by: Woo-Ping Yuen
Starring: Jin Zhang, Dave Bautista, Michelle Yeoh

Plot: While keeping a low profile after his defeat from Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi gets into trouble after getting in a fight with a powerful foreigner.


Genre: Action
Directed by: Marc Price
Starring: Adam McNab, Nicky Evans, Rosanna Hoult

Plot: An action thriller about a group of filmmakers who find themselves on the run from a violent horde of criminals after witnessing a brutal gangland execution. Unable to flee the derelict building they have been shooting in, the hapless film crew must use their technical skill and cinematic knowledge to defend themselves. The stunt man is a martial arts master, the special effects guru disregards safety and sets lethal traps, and the sound department strategically lay radio mics to detect when the hoodlums are on their way. Cue lots of thrills in a cat and mouse game of survival.

7038.Final Mission

Genre: Action
Directed by: Mathieu Weschler
Starring: Steven Seagal, Rudy Youngblood, Siu-Wong Fan

Plot: When a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe and his old team unite in attempts to bring her back.

6732.China Salesman

Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Thriller | War
Directed by: Tan Bing
Starring: Dong-xue Li, Mike Tyson, Janicke Askevold

Plot: Yan Jian, a young Chinese IT engineer who volunteers to go to North Africa and help the company he works for to win a competition. The winner can own the right to control the communication between south and north. French spy Michael works for the West. His boss ordered him to go to the North Africa and win the competition, and they can control the great mineral resources of Africa. He hired the best mercenary in Africa whose name is Lauder and a former general Kabbah to help him. Yan has discovered their conspiracy, he is the only one who can stop them.

6717.Bleeding Steel (100% Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Directed by: Leo Zhang (as Lijia Zhang)
Starring: Jackie Chan, Callan Mulvey, Tess Haubrich

Plot: A special-force agent/police officer is assigned to protect a young woman involved in a science experiment of longevity, from a gangster with an army of advanced technology who desires to obtain her power, while also having connections with him.

6480.Kill Order

Genre: Action | Sci-Fi
Directed by: James Mark
Starring: Denis Akiyama, Jonny Caines, Scott Cavalheiro

Plot: When David, a troubled high school student who appears to suffer from mental illness, finds himself in a situation where he is about to be taken captive for reasons unknown, a dark power takes over his body opening the doors to a world of superhuman abilities and a past kept secret.

6437.Wolf Warrior 2 (100% Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action | Drama | War
Directed by: Jing Wu
Starring: Jing Wu, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade

Plot: China’s deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.

6553.God Of War (100% Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action | History
Directed by: Gordon Chan
Starring: Wenzhuo Zhao, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Yasuaki Kurata

Plot: During the 16th century, Japanese pirates proliferate along the Chinese coastline. In 1557, the pirates take over Cengang in Zhejiang. After months of futile advances, Commander Yu (Sammo Hung) finally defeats them under the leadership of newly promoted General Qi (Vincent Zhao). The Pirates, however, manage to escape.

6295.Brotherhood of Blades

Genres: Action
Director: Yang Lu
Stars: Chen Chang, Shih-Chieh King, Dong-xue Li

This is a movie set in the late Ming Dynasty. The 3 main characters are all elite guards for the palace. One of their fellow guardsmen goes bad. His former companions must now forget their bond and apprehend him. But are they being lured into a larger conspiracy against their emperor?

6280.Death Fighter

Genre: Action
Directed by: Toby Russell
Starring: Matt Mullins, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock
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6069.Kung Fu Yoga (100% Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Mystery
Directed by: Stanley Tong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur
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6045.Headshot (Indonesian Speaking,English Subtitle)

Genre: Action | Comedy | Drama | Thriller
Directed by: Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto
Starring: Julie Estelle, David Hendrawan, Chelsea Islan
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5927.Warriors Gate

Genre: Action | Adventure
Directed by: Matthias Hoene
Starring: Mark Chao, Ni Ni, Uriah Shelton
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5879.Call of Heroes (100% Chinese Speaking,English Subtitle on bottom )

Genre: Action
Directed by: Benny Chan
Starring: Louis Koo, Ching Wan Lau, Eddie Peng
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5470.Kill Zone 2 (Mandarin Speaking,English Subtitle)

Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller | Kung Fu
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