This cultural-cinematic gem is considered one of the best Jamaican movies since Shottas and The Harder They Come. Bashment is a cautionary tale about friendship, greed, tragedy and redemption. When Cymbal (Mykal Fax) and his friends, Job (Steve McAlpin), Tubby (Shawn Cummings) and Rupert (Narada Campbell) link up with Son-Son (Nohard Grant) an incorrigible bad boy who believes that choice is an illusion and that the gun is the only thing that matters. They find themselves dealing with more drama than they are willing to take on. Follow their story through a web of scenarios and characters that takes you into every cove and crevice of the implosive world they live in.



6024.The Mistake

Georgie, a top gangster owes friend a lot of money but when he realizes he can’t pay him back, he organizes some of his thugs around him to steal cars to clear the balance of his debt but that was where everything took a wrong turn and Owayne whose son got killed during one of the robberies seeks revenge with the aid of his undercover agent friend Cross.